Monday, June 15, 2009

A Very Silly Post

The following post is very silly and reflects my occasional fascination with Google Analytics. By way of preemptive apology, please accept this picture of blueberries and this weekend's chocolate torte. It was good. Wish you'd'a been there. :-)

Dear North Dakota,

What gives??? You are officially the only state in the union to have sent me no visitors whatsoever in the entire 6 months I've been maintaining this blog. I thought we were buds. Seriously, where's the midwest solidarity? South Dakota likes me just fine.


Dear Russia,

Seriously??? I'm getting my effing PhD in you!!! Georgia sent me visitors, are you gonna let Georgia show you up??? I freaking have friends in you RIGHT NOW! If you don't send me some visitors, I will have them gang up on you and all visit my blog right now while they're inside you, just to spite you!

No love,

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