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Everyone has one of these "about me" pages on their blogs, so here ya go!


If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

Ha, no, but seriously.  I work for the government.  I'm a U.S. Foreign Service Officer, also known as a diplomat.  As such, there are certain things I really ought not to talk about, my job and politics being top of the list.  So lucky for you - this blog will be totally a-political!

I'm currently living in Kyiv, Ukraine with my husband, who will remain nameless, my two cats and often with my awesome stepson, The Incredible Blonde Lightening Bolt (though he's getting less and less blonde by the day).  Living in Kyiv has been an amazing experience, and presents a number of cultural and logistical challenges for a coddled American such as myself.  THAT you'll get to hear all about, and I hope you enjoy photos and observations on life in Kyiv and wherever our zany careers lead us next.

As a kid and teenager, I figured I'd grow up to be some kind of high-powered career woman and never learn to cook.  MY how things have changed!  I love making a house a home, making life comfy and delicious for my family - even if, as occasionally happens, that consists solely of me (there's a fair amount of long distance relationshipping when you're a diplomat).

Also?  Swords.  Seriously.  What's not to love?

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