Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is this sketchy? I think this is sketchy.

I saw a wonderful hat on the bus this morning, so I sneakily snapped a photo of it with my phone. Is posting it here the sketchiest thing I could possibly do? I kinda think it is.
I've tried to crop it to minimize the presence of innocent bystanders and anything remotely identifying about the woman...even though it was snapped from the back anyway, and the most identifying feature she had going on this morning was definitely her amazingly wonderful hat. Amazingly wonderful hat lady, if you read this, please know that in my heart of hearts, I do respect your privacy and anonymity, and I admire the buhjeezus out of your taste in hats! :-)

It looks a lot more blah than it did in person. Less soft, the colors less rich. But still. It made my bus ride.


  1. Not sketchy at all. There have been many times I've wished I'd had my camera so I could take a pic of someone's awesome knitwear. These I also walk up to people and tell them I love their [hat/scarf/sweater] and did they knit it?

  2. Oh the other hand, I keep seeing these big, chunky, pilling-like-crazy hats and scarves around town that make me think, "God, I hope someone knitted that for you because no one should pay for something that poorly made." They almost always wind up having a tag from, like, The Gap or something on them. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with big and chunky, but I think that stores are responding to the rise of real hand-knits by producing a particularly lame kind of "rustic" look.

  3. No! Sketchy would be offering to meet up with the hat for a sexual rendezvous on Craigslist's Missed Connections. This is just a sweet and mildly stalker-like homage.

    -another Sasha