Sunday, March 1, 2009


Oh, this so figures. I knew my first pattern would have at least one error in it. I didn't catch it. My proofreader didn't catch it. It was far too obvious for us to have caught. So I am very indebted to Leah, from Ravelry, for very nicely pointing it out to me.

Hot Water Bottle Cozy:
Line 4, in "Front" section, before "Begin Cable Pattern:"
Original: 2/14/09 - Continue in P2K2 rib
Updated: 3/1/09 - Continue in P2K4 rib

Original: 2/14/09 - 16st/26 rows = 4" in cable pattern
Updated: 3/26/09 - 22st/26 rows = 4" in cable pattern

I will track errata for future patterns in this entry as well and will link in Ravelry and elsewhere where appropriate.

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