Friday, March 6, 2009


Did you hear that, nature??? I know you did because I got to wear short-sleeves today! w00t!!!

Today and yesterday have been in the 50s, and I've been wearing a skirt! I have never been so excited about skirts as I am now, on the tail-end of my first Wisconsin winter. It's been sunny in the afternoons with hints of rain to come. The piles of snow in everyone's yards are slowly decomposing and disappearing, leaving moist, black mud behind. There are no flowers yet by a long shot, but I can hear birds now, and I know that rich, thick mud has life starting to stir buried deep down beneath what I can see.

This morning was grey and mild and moist - the wind at the busstop was like silk on my cheek, not claws of ice. It made me feel Springy and happy, so I put on a skirt with boots and my polka-dotted tights! I traipsed into lecture feeling girly and bright, only to have a friend point out to me that I was clad entirely in shades of black and grey. Which was true. AND I DIDN'T CARE BECAUSE I HAD POLKA DOTS!!!

This is how Spring begins. The white fades to grey, leaving black on the ground before any color can emerge. But it's warm, and there's life and you're happy that it's finally starting to thaw. And this afternoon, my arms got to feel the wind for the first time in MONTHS!!!


  1. I'm so with you! I want spring to come already! Lovin' the boots, BTW!!!! Stylish boots are one plus to winter. :)

  2. W still refers to you as "that girl that came to dinner in those boots" when he can't remember your name.

    I am totally psyched about skirts, which is why I'm knitting myself one. It's a dark blood-red rusty color, so by the time I'm finished with it - it might wind up being a bit more of a fall skirt than a spring skirt, but it'll be fall again in a few months.

  3. OMGoodness! I just love your outfit. The polka dots especially. Spring isn't being as kind to me as it has been to you. We've had rain, hail, and wind on and off for the past week-ish. I want to wear skirts too!!! Hehe!


  4. Sasha- I hope the weather yesterday did not get you down. I live an about 90 min. away from you further north west and we had snow and ice all day on Sunday and all the grass that was starting to appear was covered. But don't worry I have lived in Wis. a long time and spring does come but usually not till after St Pat's day.

  5. I planted bulbs today in the (mildly vain) hope they may actually sprout and not rot, freeze, or get eaten by squirrels.

    I shall take pictures of the things sprouting at work and send them to you to prove that spring is on its way.

  6. Hi there! Found my way to your site through Ravelry, and love this post. I've been thinking similar spring-y thoughts here in Central New York. Yesterday I went out with a skirt and as the temps fell back into the 30s, I almost regretted my decision. Still, Garrison Keillor did a bit a few weeks ago on NPR about exerting our will over nature and making spring happen. Surely polka dots are one key to affecting this magic!

  7. This was the winter that would never end (or so it seemed with one illness after another). But YES! Spring is here. My Mountain Laurel and my Red Bud tree are finally blooming! We had a week of warm weather and now (while it is cooler again) it has finally been raining for the last two days! We need the rain so much here!