Monday, April 20, 2009


It's like housekeeping, only...with blogs! I gotta warn ya today, kids, I was up until the wee hours last night writing a paper on how Dostoevsky expresses his life-affirming religious philosophy by having characters commit suicide and drown babies. Yah. Might be a titch disjointed today.


Subtle changes you probably didn't notice around the blog:
1) Files are now hosted through a new and MUCH BETTER service! Holy crap. I settled for much less than I should have with my first service, given that I was looking for something free. Now when you click on the download links from my pattern pages, you'll just start up a direct download. No leaving the site, no ads ( ads that you'll ever see. I'll look at all the flashy ads they want me to, as long as they don't charge me and don't hassle my users).
2) Pattern links are now listed to the left of my blog entries, along with links to errata and my new copyright notice.
3) New copyright notice!!! Go ahead and read it. I'll wait. K, you're back? Was it clear? Does it make sense? No? Then email me! I want it to be as simple and fair as possible. Want me to make an exception for you cuz you're special? Email me! I really just might! Seriously. There will be very slightly different copyright stipulations for my for-pay patterns, and I'll put those up once they're, y'know, relevant. :-)
4) In anticiapation of said for-pay patterns, I've opened up my Ravelry Store.
5) I've also opened an Etsy Shop for you non-Ravelites, but no link yet cuz it's ugly and empty. I'm tinkering with some small projects to list as well - FOs to help fill up the shop mostly so the one for-pay pattern I'm almost done with won't feel lonely. Pics of those to come. :-)
6) Knitting away on the larger-scale projects. Here's a teaser:

Cheese and apples and sky-blue mohair. I'm making a series of hats on a really neat theme - you'll see once it happens and I'm not all Dostoevskified. It's a set of three hats, and I think I'll offer one for free and then put the rest up for sale in lots of different sizes. Also cheese. Just...cheese. Cheesecheesecheesecheesecheeseheese. Need I say more?

Oh, I can't wait to be able to think again. Until then, I think I'll go do some mindless cabling.


  1. I looked at the picture and thought, "Why is Sasha knitting with matzoh? Passover is OVER, and matzoh would make a big mess in yarn..."