Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No amount of sparkling could make up for what they're missing...

So if you were to take it into your head to grill a head of garlic out back with your steak, you might then realize that the leftovers, in combination with some raw cloves, would make a nice garlic-infused olive oil. Were you to then dump said cloves into a pot of extra virgin olive oil and heat it gently until said oil were infused with garlicy goodness, you might then be tempted to remove said cloves, now sweet and warm and mushy, and spread them all over some fresh-baked crusty bread. Were you to succumb to said temptation, you would have yourself quite a nice little midnight snack.

I'm almost ready to say I have this bread recipe perfected. I have one more permutation of the wheat bran to wheat germ ratio to test, and then I will post the recipe here. :-)

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