Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brown Things

I was supposed to go to a sort of folk-harp masterclass on Sunday morning.  So I grab my harp, hop into my car, get horribly lost and miss the class.  As a consolation prize, I took my husband, who shall remain nameless, to The Sow's Ear for yarn and chai, both of which he enjoys.  Did I win the nameless husband lottery or what?

So I spent the $30 that I didn't get to blow on the class on yarn.  Nice fall yarn, unfortunately, and I'm knitting something devastatingly simple, so expect a rather unseasonal free pattern to emerge before long.  :-)  I'm going to be nice to myself, knit for myself calm and easy before getting back into the "knitting for publication" groove.  I have ideas, but I'm not going to push them out just yet.

I finally bought yarn.  Oh, that feels good.  And what yummy yarn it is.  Merino wool, alpaca and silk.  Sulka.  Yes.

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