Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's time to play: Finish! That! Quilt!

This quilt was made for my husband, who will remain nameless, by his grandmother when he graduated from high school.  It's a wonderful quilt - comfy, and it fits my nameless husband to a T.  And when this quilt replaces our big comforter on the bed, I know it's really Spring.

It's also seen better days - there's a tear in the top that I'm not sure I can adequately mend, and it's starting to wear down.  So we need a new quilt.  What a coincidence - I need a project to document on this here blog to keep me posting regularly, and delusions of Knitty grandeur are keeping me from sharing my current knitting project, for the time being.

So I'm taking bets:  How long will it take Sasha to finish that quilt that she a year ago?  :-D


  1. Gorgeous quilt!! No wonder that's a family of artists. When the time comes, you could re-make it to be several lap quilts or a throw for the couch, kid, whatever. I'll bet it would make a great living heirloom converted into a twin bed size... or a sleeping bag for the blonde lightning bolt. Or maybe pillows / shams.

    I'm not making any bets on how fast you finish the new quilt, because I'm pretty sure that when you move, you'll be on it in a hurry.

  2. I patched over the holes in my "heirloom quilt" using scraps that at least matched the color palette and now we use it as a picnic blanket. Ian has crawled all over that thing now which seems very appropriate to keep it in use rather than try to save it.

    Robin C.