Monday, May 24, 2010

The obligatory Oakwood post

So I've been here in the DC area with my husband, who will remain nameless, for about a week now.  We're staying in Oakwood furnished apartments (the mothership, in case any of you reading this are familiar with the Foreign Service - and if you're not, it's where the FS puts up employees while they're in training).  It seems the "thing to do" is to complain about Oakwood - and to be fair, it's hotel-like, temporary and I've heard some legitimate horror stories from other locations.

I just can't bring myself to.  I swear to God, every time I sink into those down pillows at night and pull that fluffy, white comforter over my shoulders, I feel like a goddamned princess.  Here I am in this place with everything I need - FOR FREE - and I've done nothing to deserve it (ok, I guess I passed the OA, which is what my husband did to deserve it, but my employment hasn't kicked in yet, so nyah).  We have a couch!  I can't believe I ever used to nap on my bed!  We have a dishwasher that we can afford to run!  The kitchen is small, but we have so much more counter space than I can use in the preparation of one meal!  We have a maid!  That's disconcerting, but lovely!  We have a pool, and a hottub, and a bank of grills, and a playground and free yoga classes and more stuff than I have had time to take advantage of (stupid rain)!

And I don't have a job, and my knitting is in transit, and I am bored out of my skull.  But let me tell you, this government-issued 1br apartment still seems to good to be true!


  1. Do some rapier drills.

  2. I should have sent you with some knitting supplies when you left my apartment, it's not as if I don't have a giant stash :D

  3. Glad to hear you're settling in. Hope the kitties like it too. (I'm at the airport in Singapore right now.)

  4. Can't wait til August! :D

  5. oh for crissake... all these pretend names throw me off!!!!! Sheesh.

    And now I'm complaining like an old woman, so I will commence the hunt for comfortable shoes.