Sunday, March 30, 2014

Easy-Edit Bunting Printable

I mentioned in my last post how amazing our Ukrainian staff at work has been throughout this difficult time in the history of their country.  At work, we decided to thank them by taking over a window in the section and covering it with notes from the American officers letting them know how much their strength and dedication mean to us.  We taped our notes up under a big bunting "thankyou," recreated here in my apartment.

And as a big thank YOU, for coming back and checking despite my extended absence from the blog, I'm putting up the template I created for the bunting as a free printable.  It's a word document, so you can just plug in whatever letters you want on each triangle and go, or you can futz with the fonts and colors to your heart's content!

Tape your bunting triangles to some pretty ribbon or whatever.  I used kitchen twine.  Dental floss would probably also work a treat.  Then tape or tie your garland up to wherever you want to see it displayed.  At work I just taped the triangles directly onto a window.

Friends, as much as I'd like to get on a real regular posting schedule, I'm not sure when that is going to happen.  We're fine, but things remain crazy.  (More on that later...maybe).  I DO have projects in the works, some of which I actually NEED to get done pre-baby, some basically ready to post but for pictures.  Etc.  So apologies in advance for the continued sporadic nature of the posts.  While I hope to up frequency, I won't tell you to expect a whole lot of consistency for a while.  But I do promise I'm not going anywhere!

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  1. When I first looked at this I read Edible Bunting. I was more than a little confused.

    1. Ok, but see now edible bunting is totally a thing that is going to happen!!! :-D

    2. How about edible bundt cake bunting? Slice the bundt cake just so and use it to make bunting?