Monday, May 4, 2009

Yum Kitchen and Bakery

Why yes, those cupcakes were as good as they look! :-D Upside-down rhubarb cupcake and a dark, moist chocolate cupcake that you wish and hope will have the classic dollop of white cream on the inside, and it DOES!!! These cupcakes were everything I'd hoped they would be.

Anyway, this past Sunday, my boyfriend, who shall remain nameless, and I stopped in at Yum Kitchen and Bakery for lunch on our way back from the bike shop. The bakery case was the first thing we saw and, believe it or not, it just got better from there. In addition to these flirtatious morsels, we split a steak sandwich with arugula and red pepper aioli. Mmmmmmmm, dear God that was good. It came on crispy, toasted herb focaccia, with delicate potato chips and a big 'ole salty pickle. Seriously, the pickle was heaven. Not too tart, still crisp - I'm very particular about my pickles. I typically don't like them, but when they're right, oh, they're just perfect.

Anyway, if you find yourself in uptown Minneapolis any time soon, I suggest you stop in. It's a bit on the pricey side but if you split an entree with someone you love, it works out quite reasonably. I tried to reproduce the red pepper aioli and failed...tastily? What I made is not red pepper aioli, but it's still good. I'll post a recipe here if I ever come up with anything worthy of the moniker.

Happy finals, everyone! I'll try not to abandon the blog completely this week and next, but if I do, know that I'm on a series of hot dates with the Proto-Indo-Europeans, and that I'll be back before too long.

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